CustomerGauge launched its new Look and Menu on 26th May 2021.

The below article carries all the information you will need to be aware about the upcoming Menu change. Here you can get information on:

  • The New Menu Sections and Sub-Sections;
  • Menu items that will be removed and no longer supported;
  • Menu items that will move to URL access.
  • Browsers supported

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New Menu Sections

The below is the list of new menu sections and sub-sections:

  1. Search
    • Advanced Search
      • Responses
      • Non Responses
      • Accounts
  2. Favourites (Previously known as Dashboard Tabs)
  3. Report Hub
  4. Data
    • Imports
    • Export
    • Integrations
  5. Close the Loop (Previously known as Firefighting)
    • Cases Overview (Previously known as Task Details)
    • Case Tracking
  6. Campaigns
    • Delivery Manager
    • WhatsApp Campaigns
    • Drivers Editor
    • Unsubscribes & Bounces
  7. Settings
    • Workflow Rules
    • Single Sign-On
    • Users
    • Reviews
    • System Admin
  8. My Profile
    • Log out
    • Usage


Dashboard Tabs will be changed to Favourites

  • The Dashboard Tabs will be renamed to Favourites
  • It will no longer be visible on the top of the Landing Dashboard.

  • Going forward it can be accessed from the Favourites section on the Menu. All your reports that were tabs will be visible here. 

  • You can add to the Favourites by clicking on the star icon found near name of the report.

Menu Items that will be removed/moved

  • API IP Whitelist report: You can now find it under Data → Integrations → Connected Apps → API IP Allow List

  • API Report will be removed
  • Survey Builder: You can find it under Delivery Manager -> Anonymous Survey -> Survey Builder

Menu Items that can be access by the URL

Menu languages supported

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

Browsers not supported

  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer fully supported. For an optimal experience, we highly recommend using its replacement instead, Microsoft Edge, or another browser of choice. This is due to Microsoft announcing the end of life for Internet Explorer in the year 2022.
  • Please click here for the full list of browsers supported/not supported.