Date: 07 April 2021

Service provider update (Amazon SES) for your DPA records:

In the coming weeks, CustomerGauge will adopt Amazon Web Services SES (Simple Email Service) to deliver emails from our software platform. Until now, CustomerGauge has been using SendGrid (now part of Twilio) for the delivery of all such emails.


Why are we doing this?


CustomerGauge already uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of our product. The movement from SendGrid to SES will help us with harmonizing and synchronizing our tech stack so we can support you more efficiently. We consider that email delivery is of vital importance, and we have considered this migration carefully and it should have no material difference in service quality or reporting.


How does this impact your DPA?


In rolling out SES, CustomerGauge is making use of our existing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a service provider that is already covered in our existing DPAs.


With this email, we are informing you as an agreed form of communication in light of Data Processing Agreement requirements.


Do I need to take any action?


Probably not. We aim to make the transition as seamless as possible for our customers, and many of you will not need to take any action during this period. That said, you may need to take some action on your end if you:


  • send survey invitation emails from a custom (your own) domain (rather than
  • have whitelisted or have had customers whitelist our sending IPs (as these will change upon moving over to SES)

But don’t worry, we will reach out to you separately if you fall under one of these buckets during the transition period.


In case you have any questions or comments about the information mentioned above, please contact your CSM.