For the AX Pilot program your team will need to deliver a logo that will be used for the email invitations and surveys. 


  • Vector images are preferred. 
  • The file formats should be a .png or .jpeg. 
  • Email Logo recommended logo size is 600 pixels (width) and 90 pixels (height).
  • Survey Logo recommended size is 680 pixels (width) and 100 pixels (height). 
  • Note: If the file we upload is higher than 90px, the system will reduce the size of the banner as a whole in order to make it fit. This will result in your banner being narrower than intended. 
  • Branding Standards: You can also send us your branding standards that include the hex codes that match your company’s color palette.

How to share with CG?

  • Both the logos should be emailed to your AX Pilot manager on the day of the kickoff call.


Below is an example of the logo placement in the email and survey: