You can add your filters and group by by yourself. You can also change the field labels and restrict your filters. All from a single screen!

Good to know


- Be careful while using this functionality. It will change the filters settings and labels to ALL users.

- All your changes are automatically saved!

- Loyalty filter is only available on some widgets, we will continuously add on the widgets.

The How to Guide

Step 1: Verify if you have access to this feature. It is only available for GLOBAL ADMINS.

Step 2: Go to the Settings -> System Admin -> System Settings Tab, and go to "Field Settings"

Step 3:  To add more filters, click on the +Add field button at right end corner of the card. It will come with filter and group by active, to deactivate simply turn OFF the toggle.

To delete the filter, if you don't want that field to be filterable/groupable anymore, simply click on the trash icon.

To restrict this filter to Admin only simply turn the toggle ON.

Step 4: To change the labels for your fields, go on the Labels card and click on the edit icon shown below. To add more fields, click on the +Add field button and select the field.

NOTE: these  labels are used on our filters and date settings, they are not used on Import, Export or APIs.

Step 5: Simply press the Save button and all your changes will be applied.

Step 6: You can check your settings on the filters on the widgets, reports and on-the-fly filters.