Are you looking to add vital moments of engagement with your accounts to your Activity Timeline? Using the "Update/Create Activity" Action in Zapier, you can do so without writing any code!

Add Activities to CustomerGauge to see absence/presence of possible churn signals!

Set up a triggering Zapier App

In the "When this happens..." step when setting up a Zap, search for your triggering app, and set it up as fits your needs.

If you're looking for inspiration or some common use cases, check out our cookbook!

Choose the CustomerGauge Zapier App

In the "Do this..." step when setting up a Zap, search for "CustomerGauge", and select the CustomerGauge app.

Configuring the "Update/Create Activity" Action

To create or update an Activity in CustomerGauge through Zapier, you will need to select the "Update/Create Activity" Action.

Choosing an Account — Connecting through CustomerGauge

If you have already connected to CustomerGauge through Zapier before, you can select that connection in the "CustomerGauge account" select box to re-use it. Chances are that if you're following this support article, so you probably have to set up an account.

  1. Open the select box, and select the "+ Add a New Account" option at the bottom of the drop-down. This will open up a new window.
  2. In this window you'll be asked for your Region. This is the region in which your CustomerGauge system is hosted on. This can be "eu", "us", or "au". If you're unsure which region your CustomerGauge system is hosted on, have a look at the URL when you're logged into CustomerGauge.

    Please note that this is an input field, so you'll need to type your region.

  3. After choosing your region, you'll be seeing a login screen similar to this;

    Use your CustomerGauge login details to log in. Alternatively, you could create a user dedicated for Zapier integrations.
  4. If logged in successfully, your newly added account should be selected, and you can hit the Continue button.

Setting up the Action

Now it's time to set up the Action that will update or create your Activity in CustomerGauge. We advice you to set up "Step 1" in Zapier first, if you haven't done that already. "Step 1" in Zapier is choosing the app you're loading data from, to be sent to CustomerGauge.

  1. Map each value form a previous Action in your Zap to the respective field in your CustomerGauge Action. You can use the icon on the right-hand side of each field to select from fields coming from earlier steps in your Zap.

    Some fields are required — you'll need to make sure that you fill them in accordingly. Other fields may have some other validation rules, such as valid email address formats.

    • Account: This is the Account Name of the Account which you have had this Activity with. If the Account Name does not yet exist as an Account in CustomerGauge, a new Account record will be created, linked to this Activity.
    • Activity Type: this describes which