Integrate your HubSpot Marketing System with your CustomerGauge system so that you can send surveys to your HubSpot contacts, and push those survey results back into Hubspot. 


  • HubSpot account with "Marketing"
  • Access to Apps in HubSpot
  • Ability to create a Dynamic Contact List in HubSpot
  • Admin Access to CustomerGauge
  • A remaining Integration slot in your CustomerGauge system (contact your CSM to increase your number of integrations)

In Hubspot

  1. Create an Active Contact List for CustomerGauge
    1. You probably don't want to pull every single contact from your HubSpot system. By setting up an Active Contact List in HubSpot, you keep full control over who should be receiving a survey. Choose the filters you would like to make your selection of contacts. To prevent pulling the same contacts again, we recommend to also add the field you use in the Flag step below, to your filters.
    2. Get the Contact List ID from the URL (it's the number after the trailing slash)

In CustomerGauge

  1. Go to Integration -> Marketing Hub
  2. Press the "Connect" button below Hubspot
  3. Authenticate
    1. Instance Name: Give your Integration a short name to quickly recognize it
    2. Description: Describe the purpose of this integration for future reference
    3. You will be redirected to HubSpot, where you will have to choose an App. Choose the App that holds your data (it has a "HubSpot Marketing" tag)
  4. Fields to Pull
    1. For each CustomerGauge field, choose the appropriate Object field. Object fields are the fields that are provided by HubSpot
  5. Pull criteria
    1. Decide to pull data manually or automatically
      1. Manually: Choose this if you'd like to press a button to pull data into CustomerGauge — useful when testing
      2. Automatically: Choose this to automatically pull data on a regular interval. You'll be able to choose to pull data automatically on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, every half year, or yearly basis. You'll also be able to choose at what date to start pulling data.
    2. Contact List ID: Provide the ID of the Hubspot Contact List that you want to pull Contacts from
    3. Flag Pulled Records: if you'd like to indicate in Hubspot that a contact has been pulled by CustomerGauge, you can Flag it. We highly recommend you to use the field you Flag in your Active Contact List in HubSpot, so you don't keep pulling the same Contacts.
      1. Flagging a date field: When you flag a date field, you can choose a number of days. This allows you to set a future date for when you want to pull that Contact again.
      2. Flagging a boolean field: When you flag a boolean field (true/false), you'll be able to indicate that this contact has been pulled.
      3. Flagging a text field: If you'd prefer to instead provide a static value, you can use a text field to indicate the pulled status.
  6. Fields to Push
    1. This step is optional — if you'd like to just pull data from HubSpot without pushing survey results, you can skip this step and go straight to the Confirmation step.
    2. Select the object that you want to push your survey results to
    3. For each of the CustomerGauge fields, choose a matching Object field from your HubSpot fields to push that CustomerGauge field into.
  7. Confirm
    1. In this last step you can confirm that all the previous steps have been set up correctly. If you are doing a Manual Pull, this is also where you hit the "Save and Pull" button to start pulling your data from HubSpot.