About Required Contacts

In order to use Reach, you need to know how many required contacts each of your accounts has.

Automatically updating Required Contacts

The more likely method of managing Required Contacts is by uploading revenue for an account. The system will automatically update the Required Contacts for the account.

The Required Contacts are calculated as follows:

Revenue range

No. of Required Contacts

0 to 2,0001
2,001 to 5,0002
5,001 to 10,0003
10,001 to 22,0004
22,001 to 46,0005
46,001 to 100,0006
100,001 to 215,0007
215,001 to 460,0008
460,001 to 1,000,0009
1,000,001 to 2,200,00010
2,200,001 to 4,700,00011
4,700,001 to 10,200,00012
10,200,001 to 21,800,00013
21,800,001 to 47,000,00014
47,000,001 to 102,000,00015
102,000,001 to 220,000,00016
220,000,001 to 475,000,00017
475,000,001 to 1,020,000,00018

Technical Details

  • The Required Contacts are currently based on the last known year
  • If the setting isn't set, it defaults to ARR

Filtering & Group by

Required Contacts are non-data based. With that I mean that there are no data points that can be filtered on or grouped by when using Required Contacts.
For example;

  • You have 9 required contacts
  • When you report on Reach without filters, it'd be based on those 9 required contacts
  • When you report on Reach with filters, it'd still be based on those 9 required contacts
  • Practical example; you filter on Country NL. The Reach will be calculated with those 9 required contacts, even though you filtered by NL!

Data Access Restriction

Required Contacts are always "global" data access level. 

How to change your Required Contacts

Step 1: Verify if you have access to this feature. It is only available for GLOBAL ADMINS.

Step 2: Go to Settings in the Menu, and then to "System Admin" feature. In the System Admin feature, go to the "Data Administration" tab and click "Required Contacts". 

Step 3: You can define on what revenue type the Required Contacts is calculated

  • Available values are ARR/MRR or One Time/Other

Note: This will go in effect for future Revenue Uploads. If you wish to apply so on existing accounts and revenue, make sure to select the "Retrospectively update" checkbox!

Step 4: Edit the Revenue range with your required number of contacts that best suit your industry

Step 5: You can define delete or add new revenue ranges

Step 6: Select the Retrospectively update checkbox if you want to change the required contacts already present on your system.

If you just want the new revenue uploads to get the new range, make sure to leave it unselected and press Save!

Retrospectively updating applies the Required Contacts as configured when pressing Save.

Only accounts that have the revenue of the selected "Revenue Type" will be updated.