To create or edit your Review website you have to go to Setup  → Review Manager.

Once you are in the Review Manager you can navigate between the Published or Unpublished tabs that separate the different status of your websites. You can create as many websites as your package allows.

On the Published tab you can create a new site, edit, get the embed coded or view your website.

On the Unpublished tab you can create a new site, edit or delete an existing one or publish your website.

Review Setup

To create your Review site click on the Create new site button.

On the setup page you need to fill the mandatory fields (*), including the logo (maximum allowed size is 1MB). If you want you can also add your support and company information, this will appear on your Review site. 

On the Site Settings you can add the filters if you want. The filters work in the same way of our reporting filters except division. You can add as many filters as you want or delete any. 

NOTE: The comments and NPS filters that is shown on your website is based on the filters you setup for the Review site. The same comment can appear on multiple sites if the data matches the site rules setup.

If you would like to check your NPS for the filters, you can just add a NPS widget (in Report Hub) and apply the same filters for a date range of last 12 months for order date.

When you finish editing you can choose to Publish and Index your review website. When you choose to index it, the functionality will permit search engines to crawl your review site. When you publish it your review site will be publicly available. 

Now just press Save and your website will be available !

Embed Codes

To get your Embed code for your review site click on the embed code icon

At the moment we have 6 different styles of widgets that you can use, that best fit your brand. After you have chosen which widget you want simply click on the copy icon , paste it on your code to show your star rating and NPS score on your website.

SEO for Review Site

<meta name="description" content="customer reviews of Company Name | Customers say: First Comment">

<meta name="title" content="Company Name Reviews, written by real customers | CustomerGauge Reviews">

Site where indexing has not been enabled will have the below meta tag:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">