Reviews.CustomerGauge enables you to showcase your customer reviews, NPS score and rating, together with your company information and contact details on a company branded public website.

Available for our CustomerGauge Enterprise customers, CustomerGauge Reviews allows customers (survey respondents) to choose at the end of their NPS survey if they wish to publish their NPS score and comments to a company branded public website by simply ticking a check box. With this new site a company’s NPS system and public review page need not be two separate endeavors, but instead the former can feed the latter.


Features and functionality of

Customers can opt to publish their reviews from the survey. This will publish their NPS score, the NPS converted to a 5-point star rating scale and comment, all in real time to the public review site. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to have this set up on your survey.

From the survey:


Each company’s total NPS score, averaged rating and 5-point star rating will be presented within the review page based on all customer responses (not just reviews published).

The Review Manager inside CustomerGauge’s application allows quick access to all reviews.

  • Companies may comment on reviews.


  • Block offensive reviews with a short statement published as to why a review was blocked.
  • You can access the Review Manager from either the Admin or Setup tab in your menu


The Company details seen on the website can also be controlled from inside the CustomerGauge application. You can change or edit the text at any point of time (even if a site has already been published) and click on the save button to save your changes.

Companies can embed a linkable rating widget showing the latest summary of their NPS, averaged rating and 5-point star rating, on their own site or other digital outlets.

Review pages will be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo and appear as reviews inside search results, along with the 5-point star rating. This will improve a company’s SEO capabilities.