CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.66 - Released 10 July 2024

8 Feature Improvements

  • Monetize 5.0 Reporting

    • NPS & Value Trend

      • Made improvements to the NPS Y-axis to ensure it does not go over 100 or below -100.

    • Account Health

      • The Account Health reporting widget now shows two decimals, rather than one.

    • Loyalty Movement

      • The Value now shows two decimal points when hovering over the waves.

    • Driver Value

      • The Value now shows two decimal points when hovering over the bars.

  • System Translations

    • Made several improvements to the Thai translations throughout the platform.

  • Survey Suite

    • The look and feel of the subtexts of Scale Questions can now be adjusted in the Branding, allowing you to change the way the ‘lowest score’ and ‘highest score’ labels look.

    • You are now able to Move Page while editing your Survey, allowing you to more easily restructure lengthier surveys.

    • Select Box questions now have an empty option, allowing respondents to de-select their selection, if they change their mind.

Feature Fix

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where the Custom Text widget would show the message undefined when saved with nothing written.

  • Reporting

    • Solved an issue where some Monetize 5.0 widgets did not show a loading bar when the widget took longer to load.