CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.63 - Released 29 May 2024

 3 New Features

  • New in Workflow Rules (User Alerts)

    • Collecting feedback on Customer Satisfaction Surveys and would like to alert frontline teams on responses from customers based on score or an answer selected? We have expanded our offering to alert users based on the selection of the specific CSAT Score or answer selection!

      • Setup alerts to users based a particular survey choice questions as conditions for New Response Workflow Rules. 

      • Question types supported as conditions: NPS, CES, CSAT, Rating, Radio, Checkbox, and Select Box.

      • An individual must be a user to receive alerts

      • This feature is only compatible with Survey Suite Surveys.

  • New in Close-the-Loop AI Assistant

    • Our Gaugie AI, your Close-the-Loop AI Assistant, just got even more powerful. Now powered to recommend follow-up messages for all your touchpoints!

      • How does this work?

        • The Close the Loop assistant now looks through all questions and answers on your survey (beyond NPS, Drivers and Comments) to craft a follow-up recommendation for your frontline users.

        • The survey response must have at least 2 questions answered, for Gaugie AI to read the response.

        • Privacy and security are our highest priority. We’ve added more advanced technology to obfuscate both personal, as well as business (such as brand names, and commercial items) information before running it through the AI capability.

        • Applicable for all Survey Suite survey types - Campaign Surveys (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Personal Link Delivery Vectors), Pop-up Surveys, and Direct Link Surveys.

  • New in Survey Suite

    • You asked and we listened! Based on your valuable feedback, we have made it easier to style the background and header of your Survey Branding. These improvements will help you quickly achieve the look that your customers recognize and love. Go check out the new capabilities!

      • Greater control on Backgrounds

        • Autoscale: Automatically adjusts the background image to fit the respondent's screen size.

        • X-position: Adjusts the horizontal position of the background image. 0% places it at the left edge, and 100% places it at the right edge.

        • Y-position: Adjusts the vertical position of the background image. 0% places it at the top edge, and 100% places it at the bottom edge.

      • More flexibility on Headers 

        • Width: Adjusts how much of the header is covered by the logo image.

        • Background Color: Fills any whitespace in the header if the logo doesn't cover it completely.

        • X-position: Adjusts the horizontal position of the logo. 0% places it at the left edge, 50% centers it, and 100% places it at the right edge.

        • Y-padding: Adjusts the vertical spacing at the top and bottom of the header.

2 Feature Improvements

  • Salesforce Integration 5.0

    • Minor improvements introduced where CustomerGauge Fields and Salesforce Fields can now be searched through in the Pull Mapping and Flag Mapping.

    • This feature has been translated to all supported platform languages.

Feature Fixes

  • WhatsApp Delivery Vector

    • Solved an issue where, if a Short Survey Link contained two underscores, the survey link would break as WhatsApp replaces the underscores to make part of the link italic. This will only take effect for new survey invitations. Existing survey invitations will not be updated, as they have already been sent out.

  • Salesforce Integration 5.0

    • Solved an issue where removing a row in the Flag Mapping step would always remove the last row, rather than the row you’re trying to remove.

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where Radio or Checkbox questions with the same answers would interact with each other, if present on the same Survey.

  • Report Hub

    • Solved an issue where surveys without an NPS Score were being displayed in the NPS Table widget (Grouped by Segments).