CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.61 - Released 1 May 2024

1 New Feature

New in Integrations

  • We've introduced a new version of CG - Salesforce integration (V 5.0).

    • Ease of Use: This version is designed to make it easier for customers to authenticate, set up, and manage their integrations.

    • Reusable Authentications: You can use the same OAuth2 Authentication (Connected Apps) across multiple integration setups from one Salesforce system to the same CG system. This Authentication can also be used across Native Integration and the Outgoing Webhook to send Survey Responses to Salesforce.

    • Campaign Suite Compatible: The new CG - Salesforce Integration (V 5.0) is fully compatible with the Campaign Suite, allowing you to leverage all the capabilities new Campaign Suite and Survey Suite has to offer! If your 4.0 Salesforce Native integration prevented you from migrating to the new Campaign and Survey Suites, you can now move over!

5 Feature Improvements

Account Page

  • Streamlined the Account Page to be much easier to use and find the information you might be looking for.

    • Some new reporting views included on this page will allow users to now see the following information for that Account:

      • Driver Loyalty view

      • NPS over time trend with NPS, #Delivered, and #Response Metrics

      • Touchpoint view

    • Reporting widgets that will be removed from this page are as follows:

      • Required Contacts

      • Reach

      • Coverage

      • Revenue Trend (new version will be introduced shortly)

      • Contacts List

      • Activity Timeline

      • Activities List

Survey Suite

  • You can now have up to 10 pages with question widgets.

  • The limit of CSAT, Rating, Checkbox, Radio, Select Box, and Custom Text widgets have been increased to 10.

Close-the-Loop AI Assistant

  • Privacy and security are our highest priority. We’ve added more advanced technology to obfuscate both personal, as well as business (such as brand names, and commercial items) information before running it through the AI capability.


  • Improved several Japanese translations throughout the system.