CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.57 - Released 4 March 2024

Security Changes

  • Login & User Management

    • Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Admin Users: We're excited to introduce a significant security enhancement by making Multi-Factor Authentication mandatory for Admin users. Upon logging in, Admin users will now be prompted to set up MFA using an authenticator app of their choice. This ensures an additional layer of protection for your sensitive accounts and data.

    • Reset/Disable MFA Process Update: In line with our commitment to continuously improve security measures, users can no longer disable their own MFA settings. Instead, they can request assistance from another user with the Admin role to reset or disable MFA on their behalf. This safeguard ensures that MFA remains consistently enforced and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

    • These updates reflect our ongoing dedication to enhancing the security and user experience within our platform. We encourage all Admin users to promptly set up MFA to safeguard their accounts effectively.

2 New Features

  • New in Survey Suite

    • Direct Link Surveys: You are now able to create a Direct Link Survey, which allows you to set up a survey with a link that can be accessed by anyone, multiple times.

      • This feature comes with the ability to pass data in the URL.

      • This feature is intended as the successor of ‘Anonymous Surveys’, and no longer requires a support process to set up.

  • New in Survey Record Page

    • Localized Drivers: Easily show drivers in the language that the respondent chose to answer them and visualize them in the same way that the respondent did.

      • This new feature is only supported by surveys from Survey Suite.

4 Feature Improvements

  • Survey Suite

    • Generate your Embed Code (and Direct Link)! You can now more easily generate the Embed Code/Direct Link by choosing which data fields you’d like to embed. Simply choose the fields needed for your business, and send the full embed code to your technical team.

    • A setting has been added, allowing you to choose to hide the Language Selector on the Survey. This is useful for businesses that use the same survey across multiple countries, using frontline agents with dedicated languages in the close-the-loop process.

    • Merge Tags can now also be added in the question labels in the Questions tab.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    • We’ve made several improvements to our QR codes to ensure that Microsoft Authenticator does not overwrite other accounts already present in your authenticator.

4 Feature Fixes

  • Reporting

    • Solved an issue where the Drivers Pivot Table was showing more records  than it was supposed to upon drilling down.

    • Solved an issue where the Lifecycle reporting widget’s unknown bucket was including survey records that failed to be delivered.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Solved an issue where Personal Link campaigns were only affected by Duplication Rule after an Automated Campaign was sent.

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where the Survey Preview screen sometimes resulted in a gray screen.