CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.56 - Released 22 February 2024

3 New Features

  • New in Survey Suite

    • Merge Tags: Easily personalize your surveys with dynamic placeholders. Now, include relevant information uploaded in the survey record in question titles and custom text widgets. Available for Campaign Surveys and Pop-up Surveys.

    • Display Conditions Based on Data: Improve your Campaign Surveys by displaying questions only when survey record data matches. Streamline your surveys by asking for necessary information and skipping what you already have. Available for Campaign Surveys only.

  • New in Integrations

    • Connected Apps has been revamped:

      • Connecting to your Salesforce platform is easier than ever, just fill in your Salesforce domain and click on authorize! That’s it.

      • Easily set up Microsoft Dynamics CRM authentications.

      • Create generic OAuth 2.0 authentications to connect with any system.

      • Manage your connected apps by editing or deleting them.

4 Feature Improvements

  • Reporting Widgets

    • Improvements have been made to increase performance of drivers widgets.

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • JSON requests are now automatically assigned a Content-Type header in case none is specified.

  • GET Non-Responses API

    • Locale has been added to the response body of this API.

    • Custom fields have been added to the response body of this API.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where a Custom Text widget without any translations displayed ‘undefined’.

  • Webhooks

    • Solved an issue where outgoing webhooks failed due to empty headers on its configuration.

  • Imports

    • Solved an issue where the Upload navigation tab button did not redirect the user when clicked.