CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.51 - Released 05 December 2023

New Features

  • New in Outgoing Webhooks

    • You are now able to delete your deactivated Outgoing Webhooks by clicking on and then Delete.

  • New in Campaign Suite

    • Users are now able to remove a template language in the Primary template step from SMS, Email and WhatsApp Campaigns.

15 Feature Improvements

  • Survey Suite

    • Display Conditions are now controlled through the “Condition Type” drop-down - with the choices ‘Always Display’ (default) or 'NPS Loyalty’ (default for Follow-up).

    • Survey Suite now offers the ability for the Owner (or Global Admin) of a brand/survey to change ownership to another user.

    • Co-Owners of Surveys and Brandings have gained the ability to ‘Change Owner’.

    • The widget limit on a single survey has been increased from 5 to 6 for CSAT, Rating, Single Line Text, Additional Comments, Checkbox, Radio, Select Box, and Custom Text widgets.

    • The Pop-up Close button was moved to inside the header in mobile view, making it more accessible on mobile phones.

    • Drivers no longer appear in Survey Suite Surveys when they are deactivated.

  • Rest APIs

    • The GET Responses API now shows if a record is a response or a partial-response with the new Status field.

  • Campaign Suite

    • The Languages step in WhatsApp and SMS campaigns are now all consistent with Email Campaigns.

    • Personal Link campaigns can now only be created when at least one filter is provided.

    • Personal Links campaigns have been updated to use surveys from Survey Suite.

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • The Locale merge tag is now available in the request body.

  • System Admin

    • Field labels in Field Settings must be unique from now on.

    • Only Owners/System Admins are now able to Restrict, Edit, Delete (De-Activate) and Move Priority actions in Workflow Rules.

  • Salesforce Native Integration

    • The categorize_url merge tag has been updated to include tenant-specific login URL.

  • Single Sign On

    • Validation errors are now displayed when a login attempt fails due to validation, allowing teams to more easily troubleshoot misconfigurations.

7 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, survey responses were coming through without NPS Score.

    • Scrollbar in modals is no longer missing.

    • The back button is now properly aligned in Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu.

    • Solved an issue where the Pop-up survey inherited some styles from the parent website, causing it to scale incorrectly on desktop.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Solved an issue where clicking on the select all checkbox did not deselect all languages.

    • Solved an issue where deselecting the Duplication Prevention checkbox did not disable the setting.

  • Close-the-Loop on-the-Go

    • The look of the Close-the-Loop on-the-Go is improved to be more in line with the original design.