CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.45 - Released 6 September 2023

2 New Features

  • Survey Suite

    • New Question type: Single Line Text

      • The Single Line Text question type is now available in the Survey Suite, allowing you to ask questions that can be answered by a single line answer.

    • New Action: Delete Survey

      • You can now delete Surveys in the Survey Suite that you no longer use. This action is available to the Owner of the Survey, as well as System Admins.

6 Feature Improvements

  • Workflow Rules

    • New Merge Tag: Drivers (Localized)

      • Drivers can now be displayed in the language that the respondent answered the survey in by adding the “Drivers (Localized)” merge tag to your New Response Alerts.

    • New Merge Tag: NPS Comment Translation

      • You can now add the translation of the NPS Comment to Workflow Rules. This is only available for Survey Suite Surveys.

    • New Merge Tag: User Timezone

      • You can now indicate which timezone dates and times are displayed in alerts by adding the User Timezone merge tag to your alerts.

    • Date and times displayed in the Workflow Rules alerts will now be displayed in the User Timezone of the recipient’s user settings. Previously, this was displayed in UTC.

    • The Workflow History now displays the date/time in the timezone of the user instead of UTC.

  • Survey Suite

    • A copyright message with the current year is now automatically added below the footer.

5 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved a display issue on mobile phones for secondary drivers with long labels.

  • Workflow Rules

    • Solved a rare issue where the screen would go blank after a very specific series of actions.

    • Solved an issue where a New Bounce Alert would not trigger if the survey got completed before the Bounce event happened.

  • Single Sign On

    • Solved an issue where Workflow Rules and Survey Suite was not accessible for certain Single Sign On users.

  • System Admin

    • Merge Questions: Solved an issue where ‘Merge Questions’ wasn’t working properly in the Survey Suite.