CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.42 - Released 19 July 2023

1 New Feature

  • New PUT Close the Loop API

    • This new API makes it possible to update cases via PUT requests. You are able to open cases, set them to in progress and close them, you’re also able to add notes to the case.
      For more information, visit the support page.


7 Feature Improvements

  • Benchmarks

    • The recommended report B2B Benchmarks and the Benchmarks Percentile reporting widget have been updated with the latest Benchmark data [July 2022 - June 2023].

  • Imports

    • Import Configurations is now Import Mapping:

      • The Mapping tab has each data type in its own bucket now;

      • Labels have been updated to reflect the new name;

      • CSV Delimiter is now shown in the Mapping list.

  • Survey Suite

    • Added an information message when making a question mandatory.

    • Removed the ability to set the NPS Drivers as a mandatory question.

    • Added the ability to order NPS Drivers when editing a survey.

  • Data Transport

    • Several WhatsApp error messages have been added to improve error diagnosing.

  • Campaign Suite

    • The NPS Scale for email templates has been improved and is now consistent across a wider range of mobile devices and email readers.