CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.39 - Released 07 June 2023

6 Feature Improvements

  • Imports

    • Added an extra layer of checking to UTF-8 file encoding when uploading a file.

  • UI/UX

    • Campaign Suite: in Campaign Details the values for the Campaign Type field are now consistent with other features.

    • Division - Hierarchy filter is now better aligned in lower resolution screens.

  • Survey Suite

    • Added the ability to make questions mandatory to answer.

    • Next and Back button translations are now managed through the Translations action, rather than through in-line editing.

  • Integrations

5 Feature Fixes

  • Campaign Suite

    • WhatsApp Campaigns: solved an issue where Last Modified Date would not be updated when adding a new template.

  • Survey Suite

    • The Loyalty Display Conditions no longer take effect when no NPS widget is present on the survey.

  • Surveys

    • Solved an issue where Additional Comments were showing in the Survey Record Page even when it was not visible in the survey due to Loyalty Display Conditions.

  • Reporting

    • Solved an issue where grouping by Delivery Vector was throwing an error.

    • Solved an issue where the Account Survey Stats widget was not considering Personal Links as surveyed accounts.