CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.37 - Released 24 May 2023

17 Feature Improvements

  • Imports

    • The Phone field is now restricted to the following characters when importing: numbers, space, parenthesis, dash and plus. Example: +55 (62) 01234-56789

  • UX/UI

    • Inbound Mapping: improved the flow when generating webhooks from an existing inbound mapping.

    • Inbound Mapping: updated labels when creating or editing a mapping to be consistent with the API features.

    • Delivery Summary widget: an extra decimal number is now shown for the percentage values.

    • Survey Timeline: fixed a typo in Survey Partially Completed.

    • Campaign Details: updated the Delivery Method value for WhatsApp to be consistent with the other values.

    • System Admin - Survey Questions: updated the message when there’s no data to be consistent with other features.

    • Connected Apps: removed the ability to edit an existing setup. You may still delete and add new setups.

    • Campaign Suite: updated button texts to better reflect their behavior.

  • Languages

    • Added support for 9 additional locales.

  • Survey Suite

    • Introduced the ability to apply NPS Loyalty Display Conditions for the Follow-up Question, Custom Text, and Additional Comment widgets.

    • The Unsubscribe link is no longer being displayed on the Thank You Page of Surveys.

    • Made several improvements to Question Translations and re-using questions across multiple surveys and languages.

    • Added Javascript Events for Survey Initialization and Completion, providing added flexibility to implement Pop-up Surveys in your web app or website.

    • Added support for the company_number field in Pop-up Survey parameters.

  • Campaign Suite

    • You are now able to clone SMS campaigns in the Campaign Suite.

  • Unsubscribes & Bounces

    • The ability to add a contact to Unsubscribes has been restored.

2 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Surveys and Brandings now have the appropriate Actions disabled, based on the user’s permissions (this was already in place, but not visually clear).

  • Search

    • Solved an issue where the Delivery Vector filter was not loading the list of available delivery vectors in the search feature.