CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.35 - Released 12 April 2023

2 New Features

  • New Language

    • Japanese has been added to the roster of supported languages in the CustomerGauge system.

  • New Inbound Mapping - Rest APIs

    • This new feature allows you to create and manage field mappings to use with the PUT Records API.

16 Feature Improvements

  • Translations

    • A few improvements to translations have been made to the following languages: Netherlands, Deutsch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

  • Survey Suite

    • If a survey is partially answered and then abandoned, all the filled answers will be presented to the respondent if they access the survey again.

    • Driver translation is now also displayed in Drivers to Display widget.

    • The Survey Suite’s Surveys tab now has additional columns with information: Status, Survey Name, Branding, Owner, Last Modified Date and Campaign.

    • New widget: Custom Text - this widget allows you to freely add any text to your surveys.

    • Updated the default label for the last “Next” button on the survey to “Finish”

  • System Admin

    • Segments: The page size has been increased to 50 to be consistent with the other System Admin features.

    • Segments: Updated the second warning message when merging values of a segment.

    • Segments: Added validation when adding a value that already exists.

    • Segments: Improved error message when adding a value that already exists.

  • Survey Record Page

    • A new field has been added to Record Details in Survey Overview: Locale.

    • A new field has been added to Campaign Details in Survey Overview: Campaign Name.

    • Added support to preview Survey Suite surveys sent to the record when clicking on the Survey name in Campaign Details.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Restricted Admins are only allowed to create new campaigns if they have applied any filters to the campaign.

    • Added a success message when saving changes to an already saved template in WhatsApp and SMS campaigns.

  • Imports - Configurations

    • The API Configurations feature has been removed from the Configurations page in Imports. All API settings can now be managed from the Rest APIs page.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue when saving a survey which returned “Total size of the entries in the request is over the limit.”

    • Solved an issue where the Primary Response status was not being added to the record when responding to a survey.

  • System Admin - Segments

    • Solved an issue where searches that resulted in multiple pages were not able to be navigated via the navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen.

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