CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.33 - Released 9 March 2023

2 New Features

  • New Rest APIs Authentications

    • Create and manage your APIs authentications in this new addition to Rest APIs. You can easily create new authentications and check all their details simply clicking on their name. For additional information, visit the support page.

  • New Rest APIs Request History

    • View all Rest API requests made in the last 90 days along with additional data such as Method, Domain, Resources, Client ID and Happened At date, to easily identify the requests sent. For additional information, visit the support page.

15 Feature Improvements

  • Survey Suite

    • A standard Unsubscribe page has been introduced to Campaign Surveys. This page has versions for multiple languages and cannot be personalized.

    • Text Analytics support has been added to Survey Suite surveys.

    • Translation support has been added to the survey NPS Comment widget.

  • UX/UI

    • Surveys

      • Surveys menu label has been renamed to Survey Suite

      • A warning message will be displayed when leaving brandings without saving the changes made.

      •  The Drivers widget has been renamed to NPS Drivers

      • Accessing a survey link that has already been responded displays a message pointing out that the survey was already completed.

      • The buttons to navigate between Surveys and Brandings have been updated to be consistent with new features.

      • Survey type navigation menu has been added to the Surveys tab in Survey Suite.

      • Only authorized users are able to make changes to Surveys and Brandings. The actions menu will be disabled for users that cannot make changes to them.

      • Survey widgets that have reached their limit amount are disabled in the “Add new widget” screen.

      • The standard unsubscribe page is now able to be displayed in several different languages.

    • Campaigns

      • Campaigns has been renamed to Campaign Suite.

      • The standard time zone for the sending period in automated campaigns is now the platform’s timezone. The platform’s time zone is now shown alongside the Start and Stop labels.

    • Workflow

      • The Close the Loop On-the-go feature now sends the verification code after manually clicking on the “Send verification code” button. This will prevent antivirus scans to trigger verification codes automatically when scanning links inside emails.

4 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Record Page

    • Solved an issue where Invite Sent and Email Opened dates were not being shown under Campaign Details.

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where the Clone option under Actions was not creating a copy of the survey.

    • Solved an issue when a respondent did not choose any drivers, all drivers in the platform would be listed as unselected. Now only the drivers present in the survey will be listed as unselected.

  • Data Transport

    • Solved an issue where the status for Queued WhatsApp and new SMS campaigns records would show as “not found”.