CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.31 - Released 08 February 2023

2 New Features

  • Surveys

    • You are now able to Add Widgets in the new Survey Builder. With this new feature you can now:

      • Add the Additional Comment question to your Pop-up Surveys;

      • Add the Customer Effort Score question in Pop-up Surveys.

  • Rest APIs - Outbound Filters

8 Feature Improvements

  • Security

    • Several security improvements.

  • UX/UI

    • The WhatsApp campaigns settings interface is now more consistent with the other campaigns.

    • Several improvements to editing Pop-up Surveys.

  • Surveys

    • Increased the support of fields to be passed as parameters in the Pop-up Survey embed code.

    • In preparation for the upcoming Campaign Survey and Generic Link Surveys, you can now add a Background to your Branding.

  • Widgets

    • Removed the ability to export to PDF when using a widget’s built-in export (under 3 dots).

  • System Admin

    • Manage Segments: You are now able to make changes to Division when the division hierarchy is turned off.

  • Translation

    • Several improvements for the Spanish language translation.

6 Feature Fixes

  • Manage Survey Records

    • Solved an issue where the segment value search would only search up to 100 values. Now the search is done through all values of a segment.

    • Solved an issue where the button to remove a filter was not working properly.

  • Widgets

    • Solved an issue where the Close the Loop Table widget was not able to be exported when the drill down had more than 1 thousand records.

    • Solved an issue where Table widgets were not able to export to CSV or XLS files when using the built-in export.

  • User Manager

    • Solved an issue where it was possible to activate more users than the system’s limit when using the bulk activation feature.

  • Unsubscribes & Bounces

    • Solved an issue where exporting the Unsubscribes or Bounces table was not generating a file to download.