CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.27 - Released 30 November 2022

2 New Features

  • Reporting - New Choice Questions Trend Widget

    • This new widget tracks responses over time for choice questions (dropdown, checkbox, radio).

      • The widget tracks the different responses customers have selected and displays changes over time. 

      • This widget comes with the standard date and survey filters with IS and IS NOT operators and also the global data access restriction setting. For more information, visit the support page.

  • Imports - External Responses Upload
    • The new Import type allows customers to Upload responses from surveys they take outside CustomerGauge.

      • It allows the upload of the fields like: NPS Score, Comment, Sent Date, Survey Response Date, Follow Up Requested, Follow Up Details.  For more information, visit the support page.

10 Feature Improvements

  • Earned Growth Widget

    • Is now available in all systems, information on how to enable it can be found in the support page.

  • Widget Export

    • Contact ID and Job Level are now added to the Non Response and Response widget file export. 

    • Widget Export has been expanded to include all segments and standard custom fields information for the record to provide a complete view. This provides users the ability to export everything in one place.

  • Unsubscribes and Bounces

    • The Contact Page now provides status information of Bounces and Unsubscribes for Contacts.

    • An improvement was made to Add -> Unsubscribe and Bounce. We now remove the spaces before and after an email address if it was added with spaces.

  • UX / UI

    • Survey-generated fields now do not appear in Field Settings of System Admin.

  • Locales

    • Locale - Suriname (Dutch) was added to the system.

  • APIs / Webhooks

    • Non Responses API has been updated to include the Survey Link.

    • The Delivery Vector field is present in the Outgoing Webhooks, as well as in the Responses and Non Responses API.

  • SMS Sending

    • Survey invitations sent by SMS are now reported as Delivered after 48 hours when not receiving a delivery receipt.

2 Feature Fixes

  • Direct Replies

    • Solved an issue where Direct Replies widget info icon (i) redirected to benchmarks support page.

  • SSO

    • Solved an issue where SSO users couldn't load their profile.