CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.22 - Released 21 September 2022

7 Feature Improvements

  • Survey Record Page

    • Several improvements to UX/UI and consistency across the page.

    • Close the Loop: You are now able to change status directly from Open to Closed.

    • A message has been added when accessing an inexistent survey record.

    • The search functionality when editing a field’s data in Record Details now searches through all values for that field.

    • Translation improvements for German and Italian.

  • System Admin

    • Currency: A new currency has been added - BHD (BD).

  • Workflow Rules Search

    • This functionality improvement allows you to search across all pages in the Rules Section and History Section

      • For the Workflow Rules you are able to search on the Rule name using the following criteria - "Entire text that is put in the search box". Example if you search for UK, then all the rules that have the term UK will show up

    • For the Workflow History you are able to Search using reference [CG ID], rule name, recipients and any content that might have appeared in the email body of the alert.

      • The Search by Recipient will only apply to new alerts triggered post the release of the feature.

      • A reminder that the History is only valid for a 90 day period after which it is auto cleaned. This has always been the case. No feature changes here.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Widgets

    • NPS Table: Solved an issue where clicking to download the drilled down data for Non Responses would not generate a file to be downloaded.

    • Response Rate: Solved an issue where the global data access restriction was not being enabled when activating it.

  • Survey Record Page

    • Solved an issue where Order Number, Contact ID, Job Level and Telephone data were not being shown in Survey Overview.