CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.18 - Released 28 July 2022

3 New Features

  • System Admin

    • Survey Questions - Use this feature to merge survey questions. You are able to merge:

      • Additional Score questions - CSAT, CES and Rating.

      • Single or Multiple Choice questions - Radio, Dropdown and Checkbox.
        For more information, visit the support page.

    • Sender Profiles - You are now able to create and edit your own Sender Profile for WhatsApp campaigns. Access this feature navigating to System Admin > Data Administration > Survey & Campaigns > Sender Profile, for more information visit the support page.

  • Workflow Rules

    • New Merge Tag: CG ID - This Merge Tag allows you to add the CG ID of the record to your workflow templates.

6 Feature Improvements

  • Recommended Reports

    • B2B Benchmarks: The default date period is now Rolling 365 days.

  • System Admin - Field Settings

    • Contact ID (number_customer) and Account ID (company_number) fields have been added to systems that did not previously have them.

    • Order Number (number_order) field is now a supported field for Survey Records.

  • Widgets

    • Tags Summary

      • This widget now supports the global data access restriction feature.

      • Reduced the amount of characters shown on Comment and Comment Translation columns when drilling down in this widget.

      • Added a Tags column that shows the record’s tags. In case of multiple tags, they are separated by a comma.


1 Feature Fix

  • User Manager

    • Solved an issue where creating a new user was not saving the Creation Date.