CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.14 - Released 01 June 2022

6 Feature Improvements

  • Academy Icon

    • You can now quickly access the CG Academy directly from the main platform menu. The Academy is available for all user types: Admin, User, Workflow+ and Workflow.

  • User Experience

    • The Field titles in the Responses Combo and NPS Combo widgets’ Additional Settings section are now more consistent with other widgets.

    • Improved text and description consistency in SSO, Drivers Table and Drivers Trend.

    • While navigating in System Admin, browser tabs now show the current page title.

  • Tags - System Admin

    • The amount of tags shown per page has been increased to 50.

  • Report Hub
    • A redirection to NPS Overview now occurs when accessing the recommended reports NPS Evolution and NPS Report.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Integrations

    • Solved an issue where Integration Authentication would fail when the WSDL file had a large size.

  • Widgets

    • Solved an issue where a filter button was present in the NPS Lifecycle widget drill down.

  • Usage

    • Solved an issue where the bar color for Package Usage did not change color when the limit was 0.