CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.05 - Released 19 January 2022

3 Feature Improvements

  • Reporting

    • Our Additional Comments widget has been redesigned, providing a new view, the ability to export with up to 5 favorite segments and the “is not” operator for segment filters.

  • Workflow Rules

    • A new merge tag has been added, you can now use the “Questions” merge tag to receive alerts that contain survey question responses.

  • Usage Report

    • Integrations Usage has been added and provides information on integration types and count. It can be checked in the Usage section of My Profile.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Overall

    • Solved several visual issues that occurred across the system in the Safari web browser.

  • Reporting

    • Solved an issue where the Static Date Range in the Driver Value widget did not function as intended.

  • Survey

    • Solved an issue where a Single or Multiple Choice checkbox question with a loyalty filter would count as ‘not answered’ for all loyalties

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