CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.97 - Released 8 September 2021

3 New Features

  • Reporting

    • The standard ‘NPS Frequency’ report has been upgraded to a brand new ‘NPS Overview’ report giving users more information regarding their NPS program.

  • Native Integration for Salesforce

    • Failure Alert Recipients: Get an email alert sent to you and your co-workers to be notified of any error that may occur on your Salesforce integrations.

  • Imports

    • Activities File Upload: Discover the absence of signal in CustomerGauge!

11 Feature Improvements

  • Workflow Rules

    • Added “Case Assigned” as an action in the Workflow History

    • All Workflow Alerts setup from the workflow rules feature in the platform will now only be sent to Active Users. All Inactive users set to receive the alerts will get a Fail status and this can be viewed in the Workflow History.

  • System Alerts

    • The Login button from both workflow alerts and system alerts will now redirect you to the company specific Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Page rather than the generic login page making it easier for users to access the relevant information quickly.

    • Follow Up Requested is now available as a filter in most reporting widgets, and Outgoing Webhooks.

  • Imports

    • Added empty field validation to Field Mapping and Static Values to prevent empty fields from causing errors.

  • Native Integration for Salesforce

    • We now indicate where an error message came from, making it easier to help diagnose issues.

  • User Manager

    • Users that get created with the status “deactivated” will no longer receive a Create Password email. This email is now sent when they get activated.

    • Grouping Access Restriction has now been renamed to Segment Data Access restriction. The setup of Segment-based Data Access has been improved, allowing customers to do that themselves from inside the User Manager. The Setup is replaced by Filters that are used across the platform.

    • Made several UI/UX improvements to the User Manager to provide a more streamlined experience.

  • Single Sign On

    • Data Access Restriction is now much easier to use through its own section.

    • The SSO Login link displayed in the SSO no longer carries “/sso”, resulting in a much nicer URL.

4 Feature Fixes

  • System Settings

    • Solved an issue causing "Survey & Campaigns" in System Settings to be unable to be loaded.

  • Reporting

    • Solved an issue where the newly released Additional Rating Questions drill down would show more survey responses than intended.

  • API Suite

    • Solved an issue where Cyrillic characters were misencoded when passed in the POST Response API.

  • Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics

    • Solved an issue where newly created Authentication items would appear as blank options in the Authentication drop-down.