CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.95 - Released 12 August 2021

3 New Features

  • Benchmarks Report H1 2021

    • Updated the B2B Benchmarks report with 2021 data. It is possible to filter the date range for your data in the report.

    • We have also added Account Response Rate % and Close the Loop Speed to help you track your growth in your Account Experience™ program.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration

    • You can now set up integrations between CustomerGauge and Microsoft Dynamics.

      • Synchronise your Accounts, Contacts, and send surveys in a flexible manner.

      • Write your Pull Query in Microsoft’s FetchXML to pull data from multiple entities.

      • Self-service Diagnostics make it very easy to dig into any potential issues that occur.

      • Failure Alert Emails will help you stay on top of any potential issues that occur.

  • Webhooks

    • Delete Webhook: You can now delete your unused Webhooks to keep a nice and tidy list.

    • Expanded Diagnostics: You can diagnose potential issues by viewing the Request Body and Response Body by expanding the table row in the Stats of an Outgoing Webhook.

3 Feature Improvements

  • Login

    • We have removed the permanent blocking for user login. We are replacing this with a temporary block, where a user will be temporarily locked out of the system for a maximum of 15 minutes after many consecutive incorrect password tries.

      • Administrators will no longer need to unblock these users.

      • The system will automatically unblock the user after the required time has passed, thus saving Administrators time.

      • Users will be shown the below message after too many incorrect password tries.

  • Reporting

    • NPS SWOT now sends the date type to the Account Page, using the same filters applied on the NPS SWOT widget

  • Native Salesforce Integration

    • Pull date/time as Flag value: You can now use {NOW()} as a value in the Flag Mapping to update records in Salesforce with the date/time of Pull in the ISO-8601 format (“2021-08-13T12:34:56Z”).

6 Feature Fixes

  • Exports

    • Fixed an issue where Export Engine was failing due to Close the Loop duplicates

  • Unsubscribes & Bounces

    • Fixed an issue where searching by phone number was not working

  • By CustomerGauge Reports

    • Fixed an issue where the drill down was not working when changing the group by setting

  • Reporting

    • Fixed an issue where in some cases the “Show Global data” setting was not working properly

    • Fixed an issue where the NPS Gauge was not showing the NPS when it was 0

    • Fixed an issue where grouping by status was not working when field had an apostrophe