CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.94 - Released 21 July 2021

2 New Features

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • Expanded our Outgoing Webhooks offering to allow customers to push survey responses in real-time from CustomerGauge to the following systems:  

    • Introduced the ability to diagnose Outgoing Webhooks in case any failures happen along the way.

2 Feature Improvements

  • Export

    • Made some minor URL clean-ups in the “Export ready” email notifications

  • Tags

    • We have removed non-functional drilldowns from the admin tags feature, and instead encourage customers to use the drilldowns in our tags reporting widgets in Report Hub, which are all operating as expected.

Feature Fixes

  • Reporting

    • Fixed an issue where the adding/removing of filters on certain widgets was not working as expected 

  • Surveys

    • Fixed an issue where the “browse server” button found on the “Logo” widgets in Survey Builder was not able to be clicked

    • Fixed an issue where the unsubscribe page was not loading as expected (US & AU only)

  • Customer Details Page

    • Fixed an issue in this view (individual survey response view), where the Drivers section would show all drivers in a tenant rather than only the drivers that had been visible to the respondent on the survey. This issue was only happening for certain customers, and was only happening in cases where the respondent hadn’t selected any drivers at all. The respondent was still only shown the correct drivers when responding to the survey; it was only the view on this response details page in CG that was showing everything, and again, only in cases where no drivers had been selected.