CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.93 - Released 07 July 2021

3 New Features

  • Outgoing Webhooks
    • Set up rule-based Webhooks to send data to external systems in real-time whenever a survey gets completed.
    • Read more about the possibilities in our support article.

  • NPS Frequency
    The NPS Frequency reporting widget is getting an update both in look and functionality. This much loved widget now comes with:

    • The ability to filter using the IS and IS NOT criteria for Segment data

    • Being able to drill-down to customer information by clicking on the graph

    • Hover over box that displays the numbers and percentages

    • A new design that takes less space on a report

  • Show Global Data Setting

    • This setting is ideal for internal benchmarking!

    • Global Data Access Setting allows Global Admins to share certain survey data reporting views/metrics across teams where systems have survey data access restrictions set up and teams are restricted to seeing only their own data. 

2 Feature Improvements

  • NPS Gauge

    • You can now filter using the IS and IS NOT criteria for Segment data and also filter with all available new filters such as Status and Loyalty filter.

  • Reporting

    • Error Handling: Improved our error messages to help users diagnose and solve issues. For Example, if you are using an invalid filter on your reporting widget - the system will alert you of the error and not show you any results.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Close the Loop

    • Fixed an issue where deactivated users were showing as valid assignees.

  • Reporting - NPS Combo Chart

    • Fixed an issue where the NPS trend line was not showing.

  • System Admin - Favorite Segments

    • Fixed an issue where the list of available segments was not scrolling.