CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.91 - Released 09 June 2021

1 New Feature 

  • Workflow Rules: Bounce Alerts 

    • Allows account managers to be alerted when a new bounce occurred from a contact who was sent an email. The segment filters and the email template to be sent is configurable in the CG Platform.

10 Feature Improvements

  • Close the Loop:

    • The “Task Details” report has been officially renamed “Cases Overview”

    • The “Assigned Cases” widget has been replaced by the “My Cases” widget

    • The “Workflow Summary” widget has been replaced with the new “Close the Loop Summary” widget

    • Close the Loop drill-downs now allow you to export all data

  • Menu:

    • Cleaned up the tooltips that you see when hovering over the menu items on certain pages

    • Fixed menu alignment on certain pages

    • Aligned the menu header with the logo

    • Cleaned up the list view under “Favorites” to better handle Favorite Reports with long names

  • Email Sending:

    • Made some improvements to help with our processing of sending emails and to help avoid some longer-than-usual sending queues that some customers have experienced recently

  • User Manager:

    • We no longer allow Admins to change their own data access restrictions

7 Feature Fixes

  • Drivers Editor:

    • Fixed an issue where the value “null” was being saved when drivers were created and labeled in certain languages but left blank in other languages

  • Reports:

    • Fixed an issue where the Customer Details Page would appear blank when drilling down from certain widgets that contained non-responded surveys

    • Fixed some KPI drill down issues in some widgets

    • Fixed an issue where the NPS combo chart was not showing data for Delivered metric

    • Fixed an issue where the Driver Value widget was stretching the date range 

  • Integrations:

    • Fixed an issue where data pushback to the CRM was not working as expected in certain instances

  • User Manager:

    • Fixed an issue where system admins were able to create 2 different users using the same email address within the same platform. If you have more than one CustomerGauge platform, you are still allowed to use the same email address across different platforms