CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.87 - Released 22 April 2021

5 New Features

  • BETA - Workflow Rules: No Responses Email Alert

    • Allows account managers to be alerted when they have not received a response from a contact who was sent a survey invitation. The number of days after which they should be alerted, the segment filters and the email template to be sent is configurable in the CG Platform.

  • BETA - Contacts Upload

    • “Contacts” made its way to our new Imports. You can use the new Contacts Import to upload Contacts into CustomerGauge. This helps you identify contacts in the Organizational Hierarchy, and also allows you to trigger Manual Campaigns for them.

      Not feeling ready for change? You can still use the Contact List upload in the old “Import Data” screen.

  • Upload files of up to 15MB in Imports

    • Our new Imports system allows you to upload much larger files - up to 15MB. This allows you to upload files up to 15MB for Accounts, Account Aliases, or Contact uploads.

  • New Templates in Email Editor for Automated Campaigns – Delivery Manager

    • Our template gallery in the Email Editor for Automated Campaigns (inside the Delivery Manager) has been updated. We’ve added some fresher, newer options to choose from there, that are listed on our support site. You can now add these in directly inside the platform to any new email templates you create. Enjoy the new options, and design away!

  • Reporting

    • Please welcome our all new Survey - Status filter, allowing you to filter on Partial Response, Response, Bounce, Unsubscribe, and Duplicate! This filter is available in most of your favorite widgets and can be made available by System Administrators in the Filter Settings of System Administration.

4 Feature Improvements

  • Reporting

    • Custom HTML widget

      • Now you can directly upload images to your Custom HTML in your Reports using the upload option.

    • Total Accounts widget

      • We did a couple of UI improvements to the Total Accounts widget. The widgets shows you the total number of accounts in the system. This is All time information. Click here to see the full details

  • Delivery Manager

    • Manual Campaigns

      • We noticed some unexpected issues when not using the platform default email address, so we’ve made these behave just like automated campaigns, where the email address uses the same platform default one. 

    • Email Editor

      • We noticed some unexpected issues when commas were being added to the “Sender Name” field, so we’ve prevented you from doing that now. You can use semicolons, dashes, etc. instead.

2 Feature Fixes

  • Reporting

    • Fixed the decimal issue on the Account Survey Stats reporting widget where it was displaying all the decimal values.

    • The drill-down pagination on the Account stats widget now allows you to navigate between pages on the table.

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