CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.85 - Released 24 March 2021

2 New Features

  • NPS Combo Chart

  • Responses Combo Chart

    • Two new NPS & Response widgets with great improvements:

      • The “Sent” metric is now “Delivered” - This is an ongoing effort to improve consistency across all of CustomerGauge’s reporting widgets. The Delivered metric does not consider pre-delivery failures. In short: “Delivered” covers all survey records where the recipient was able to complete the survey.

      • The number of Passives no longer include responses without an NPS score.

      • These widgets support “is not” filtering, allowing you to exclude certain filter values.

      • These widgets also support the NPS Loyalty filter as well, allowing you to slice and dice by Promoters, Passives, and/or Detractors.

      • You can now export all pages after drilling down on any of these new widgets.

      • These widgets can be found in the “NPS” and “Responses” data sources when adding a widget.

1 Feature Improvement

  • SSO:

    • Adjusted the alignment of certain items on the edit screen that would become misaligned when enlarging the browser or viewing on a larger screen

5 Feature Fixes

  • Delivery Manager:

    • Solved an issue where the “add survey” button wasn’t working.

  • Reporting:

    • Solved an issue where drilldowns from the Lifecycle widget were not working.

    • Solved an issue where the reach widget was sometimes showing blank after changing the widget name.

  • Export Engine:

    • Solved an issue where the page would break when removing/deleting a filter.

  • Account Merge:

    • Solved an issue where merging an Account that already existed as an Alias would not complete the merge (the data was successfully merged, but the source Account did not get removed).