CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.84 - Released 10 March 2021

3 New Features

  • Account & Account Alias Upload:

    • The new Imports now replaced the existing “In-App Upload” / “Import Data” menu item, and can be found in the menu under Setup.

    • Import Accounts and their properties, or upload Account Aliases to help aid your data quality.

    • Please note that the way you upload Survey data will not change at this point - just how you access it to start your upload process.

    • Read more about Account and Account Alias Upload here.

  • Field Settings: Contacts

    • Field Settings now contains the Contacts object, allowing system administrators to define which properties related to their Contacts exist within CustomerGauge.

  • Call Center Surveying

    • Ability to gather survey feedback via a live agent over the telephone

    • Expanded the call center surveying solution to have worldwide reach and 20+ languages

    • Fully GDPR compliant

    • Working with a new, EU-based partner (with global reach) for the delivery of calls and collection of survey feedback

5 Feature Improvements

  • Reporting

    • Tags - Scatter Chart now displays the topic when the “Show numbers on relevant Graphs/Charts“ report setting is set to “yes”, making the widget much better to read in Scheduled Email Reports.

    • NPS - Table now shows percentages for the Responses and Non Responses metrics, in addition to its numeric value, just like other metrics.

  • Call Center Reporting

    • Expanded the call outcome status codes that are reported in our platform in the Data Transport Report for more robust, detailed reporting

    • Reclassified some codes that were previously considered “failures” as successful “deliveries” (in the “non-responses”/”delivered” bucket) as that was a more accurate representation of their status

  • User Guidance: Added information icons with links to relevant support material in various pages and reporting widgets.

5 Feature Fixes

  • Reporting:

    • Solved a rare issue where NPS Summary would not adhere to its filters.

    • Solved a rare issue where on-the-fly filters could not be used by SSO users.

  • Non Responses Report:

    • Solved an issue where exporting was unavailable for Internet Explorer users.

  • Direct Replies:

    • Solved an issue where exporting was unavailable for Internet Explorer users.

  • Customer Details Page:

    • Solved an issue where the audio playback was not working for call recordings from call center surveys 

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