CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.83 - Released 24 February 2021

7 Feature Improvements

  • Field Settings: Add Account Fields

    • Introducing the ability to add segment fields to the Accounts object, enabling customers to enrich their accounts with fields like Account Manager, Parent Account, or any other important property of Accounts. Read more about Field Settings here.

  • Account Filters

    • Ability to filter Account widgets (Account List and Account Activity Timeline) by Account properties such as Account Manager, Parent Account, or any other important property of Accounts.

  • Account & Account Alias Upload:

    • The above features are all nice and dandy - but how do you get all that rich Account data into CustomerGauge! Please give the stage to our brand new Imports screen! In the new Imports screen you’ll be able to import Accounts and their properties, or upload Account Aliases to help aid your data quality.

    • The new Imports will replace the existing “In-App Upload” / “Import Data” menu item (planned for March 10).

    • Please note that the way you upload Survey data will not change at this point - just how you access it to start your upload process.

    • Read more about Account and Account Alias Upload here.

  • NPS Target

    • We have added the ability for you to set up and track NPS Targets from inside the CustomerGauge platform.

    • It allows you to set up targets for your NPS and shows your progress against the target in real-time. For more info click here.

  • NPS Score

  • NPS Trend 

  • Responses Trend 

    • A bundle of new NPS & Response widgets with great improvements:

      • The “Sent” metric is now “Delivered” - This is an ongoing effort to improve consistency across all of CustomerGauge’s reporting widgets. The Delivered metric does not consider pre-delivery failures. In short: “Delivered” covers all survey records where the recipient was able to complete the survey.

      • The number of Passives no longer include responses without an NPS score.

      • These widgets support “is not” filtering, allowing you to exclude certain filter values.

      • These widgets also support the NPS Loyalty filter as well, allowing you to slice and dice by Promoters, Passives, and/or Detractors.

      • You can now export all pages after drilling down on any of these new widgets.

      • These widgets can be found in the “NPS” and “Responses” data sources when adding a widget.

1 Feature Improvements

  • Native Integration: Salesforce API Version

    • We’ve updated the Salesforce API version to Salesforce’s latest version v50. This should have no impact on your integrations.

6 Feature Fixes

  • Reporting:

    • Fixed an issue where the NPS Table was not grouping by Account

    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete Manual tags on the Customer Details Page

  • Export:

    • Fixed an issue where CSV and XLSX exports had a question mark "?" in the CGID field

  • Integration:

    • Native Integration: Fixed an issue where pushback drill down was not working for failed pushes

  • API:

    • Fixed an issue where GET Historical API was not retrieving data

  • System Admin

    • Delete Historical Data: Fixed an issue where admins were unable to delete historical data uploads from System Admin