CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.81 - Released 27 January 2021

5 New Features

  • 2021 Benchmarks Report:

    • Updated the B2B Benchmarks report with 2020 data. It is possible to filter the date range for your data in the report.

  • NPS Summary widget

  • NPS Table widget

  • Responses Table widget

    • A bundle of new NPS & Response widgets with great improvements:

      • The “Sent” metric is now “Delivered” - This is an ongoing effort to improve consistency across all of CustomerGauge’s reporting widgets. The Delivered metric does not consider pre-delivery failures. In short: “Delivered” covers all survey records where the recipient was able to complete the survey.

      • Net Response % - Also to improve consistency, it now uses Net Response % which means only delivered emails/sms are used to calculate the Response %

      • The number of Passives no longer include responses without an NPS score.

      • These widgets support “is not” filtering, allowing you to exclude certain filter values.

      • These widgets also support the NPS Loyalty filter as well, allowing you to slice and dice by Promoters, Passives, and/or Detractors.

      • You can now export all pages after drilling down on any of these new widgets.

      • These widgets can be found in the “NPS” and “Responses” data sources when adding a widget.

  • System Setting for Survey Link Exposure in Non Responses Widget

    • Admins can now choose which roles can have access to the Survey link on the Non Response widget. Simply go to System Admin → System Settings → Reports → Permissions. This enabled Account Managers to send personal reminders more easily (or offers protection against those that seek to game the system!).

2 Feature Improvements

  • User Manager:

    • Removed the ability to Delete Users to prevent accidental, irreversible, deletions of users.

  • Surveys:

    • Improved our tracking of “survey click” events (which is what shows you in the platform whether a survey link has been clicked or not)

2 Feature Fixes

  • Search:

    • Solved an issue where NPS score and other data would not be displayed in Search Results.

  • Export:

    • Solved an issue where CSV files would be incorrectly UTF-8 encoded.