CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.80 - Released 13 January 2021

3 Feature Improvements

  • Basic Search:

    • The Basic Search is now no longer searching through Order Date, Survey Completion Date, Loyalty, NPS Score, Comment, Comment Translation, and Follow-up Required. This should make it significantly easier to find what you’re looking for. You can use the Advanced Search (found under “Customer” in the menu) to do more detailed searches.

  • Surveys:

    • We made some minor optimizations to the behavior of our Anonymous Survey URLs.

Feature Fixes

  • Reporting:

    • Overall: Solved an issue that caused widgets to load for eternity.

    • Account Overview: Solved an issue where pagination would not match with the number of records actually being displayed.

  • User Manager:

    • Solved an issue where user profiles were unable to be edited.

  • Surveys:

    • The language flag for Hebrew should now appear correctly.

    • The language flag for Korean should now appear correctly.