CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.76 - Released 4 November 2020

3 New Features


The NPS SWOT widget provides a SWOT overview (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) of your top accounts based on their NPS score and Revenue. It plots your top accounts that have Revenue and NPS on a SWOT chart. 

Now carrying all our filtering capabilities, it allows for a more in-depth analysis, so you can see only your relevant accounts. Click here for more information.

Response Rate Target

We have added the ability for you to set up and track Response Rate Targets from inside the CustomerGauge platform.

It allows you to set up targets for your response rate and shows your progress against the target in real-time.

Response Rate

We now have a new visualization for the Response Rate. And it’s now in its own bucket when configuring/adding it to a report in the Report Hub!

5 Feature Improvements

  • Users Manager: Standardized all the dropdowns in the “edit” mode of a User Profile so that they all use our “new” dropdown style.

  • Data Transport: Adjusted a behavior that was causing some surveys to revert back to the “Email Opened” status, even after the recipient had already clicked into (and later abandoned) the survey (but then went back and re-opened the email). 

  • System Admin: 

    • System Admin is now available in the Admin menu for all Global Admin users (rather than needing to access via URL)

    • We’ve updated the “no permissions” message for users who don’t have permission to access System Admin

  • Reporting: Made widget size adjustment messaging more clear when adjusting a widget’s width and height

1 Feature Fix

  • Exports:

    • Hierarchy filter: Fixed an issue where using the “hierarchy” filter in the Export Engine was showing “no data found” even when there was data.