CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.75 - Released 21 October 2020

2 New Features

Drivers Reorder Placement Shadow

To make it much easier to reorder your drivers and understand exactly where they’ll be re-positioned when using the drag-and-drop function, we’ve introduced a nice little shadow that shows you exactly where the driver will be placed.

SSO Login Buttons

SSO Login Buttons now show branded icons with an updated button style when using a “standard” IDP such as G-Suite, Salesforce, Okta, or Azure Active Directory. SSO Login buttons for custom/other IDPs will remain in the same gray tone as before.

6 Feature Improvements

  • Delivery Manager: Made a minor clarifying wording change related to loading more campaigns.

  • Report Hub:

    • Delete Warning: Made the warning message you see when attempting to delete a report consistent with other similar “deletion” warning messages throughout the platform.

    • Non Responses Widget: The Non Responses widget now has the is not filters.

    • Reporting Widgets: Added the data type of every widget at the top. Now you always know from which data type the widget came from!

  • Data Transport: The “Delivery Method” on-the-fly filter value “All” now also includes “Call” records.

  • Workflow: Made several UI improvements to enhance the consistency with the rest of the platform.

2 Feature Fixes

  • Reports:

    • Scheduled Email Reports: Comment widgets are now restricted to 25 comments per widget to ensure successful delivery.

    • Lifecycle: We’ve received feedback that it’s confusing for the survey date range to be extended to cover full months. We’ve heard you, and this no longer happens.