CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.74 - Released 7 October 2020

New: Account Merge

Joining our family of fantastic self-service System Administration (see more about this below) features is Account Merge. Using the Account Merge you can change one account into another throughout all your data in CustomerGauge! Even better, the Account Merge will create an Alias for the merged Account, remembering this merge for the future. More on this below!

New: Account Aliases

With all the different data points you can add in CustomerGauge, chances are high that you also have to deal with different names for your Accounts in the various systems and tools you use. Account Aliases are a way for you to set up alternative names for an Account, so that when data comes in from your different systems, they can be recognized as the same Account. Pulling in Contracts from your billing platform, and your Accounts carry their legal name (e.g. “ACME Ltd.”), while you report on “ACME”? No problem! Set up an Account Alias on ACME for ACME Ltd. and we’ll store your contracts under ACME.

Account Aliases work for the following data points:

  • Accounts

  • Activities

  • Contracts

New: Delete Contracts

Another improvement for our AX™ features is the possibility to delete your Contracts. If you, by any chance, uploaded the wrong data you can take care of it yourself from inside the platform.

New: System Admin UI Revamp

System Admin also got revamped! With all the nice features that were recently added, we created a nice bucket approach to make it easier to find the action you want to perform. You can access it through this link https://cvm.ui.{region} or ask your CSM to have it added on your menu.

New: Reviews site UI Revamp

Our reviews site has had a UI revamp. It now carries the CustomerGauge colors and the site and has a cleaner UI from feedback we gather throughout the time. It is also mobile friendly, check it out!


  • We now offer the Reviews site in Hungarian

  • We now offer the Reviews site in Polish


  • Fixed an issue where the year was missing on the Review Manager footer


  • Fixed a HTML issue on the escalation email where line breaks were not showing properly


  • Fixed an issue where cases acted from escalation were not showing the proper information on the Close the Loop widgets

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the date that was already selected was causing the report to crash

  • Fixed an issue where cases were showing all statuses when it should be showing only the next status progressively

  • Fixed an issue where the Non Response widget survey links were not being exported as links

Cross Platform

  • Fixed an issue where when you logged out and logged in again the user were not being redirected to the same page

Salesforce Integration

  • Fixed an issue where Drivers data got cut off when pushing back to Salesforce.

SSO Login

  • Fixed an issue where resetting the password was not working for SSO users who have created direct access

Bounces Report

  • Fixed an issue where manually adding the bounce reason was not being saved properly