CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.70 - Released 12 August 2020

Account Search

  • The new Account Search is now available from User Manager, Workflow and Review Manager as well

Reporting Filters

  • For Account Date filters we now offer the “All Time” option, that allows you to see all accounts independently of their Start or End date. You can find this on the new Account List and Account Activity Timeline.

Account Activity Timeline

  • An Account Activity Timeline was released to help our customers that want to have Account filters and don’t depend on survey sent information. If you’d like to have this widget enabled for you, please reach out to your CSM.

My Profile

  • SSO users can no longer reset their password from within CG

HubSpot Integration

  • The HubSpot integration now uses a single App — you no longer need to create your own app to connect with.
    Important: Already using your HubSpot integration? Make sure to re-authenticate from the Confirm tab!

PUT Activities API

  • Coming soon: The “happened_at” parameter in the PUT Activities now is no longer mandatory, and will default to the time of calling the API (based on your system’s timezone).

Escalation Emails

  • Solved an issue where the Task Details link was not redirecting to the new version.


  • Solved an issue in Lifecycle, where the Additional Settings section was not being displayed correctly.

  • Solved an issue where the Division value was not showing in the filters info.

  • Solved an issue where changing the dates was not correctly being displayed in the filters info.