CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.63 - Released 14 May 2020

Account Churn Reporting Widget

  • Introducing the improved Account Churn widget with new Account Object Filtering option

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Manage Activities 

  • Manage Activity Classifications: Customers now have full control to manage the dot shading based on the number of activities for each individual activity classification from inside the CustomerGauge System. The Activity timeline comes with a default settings but the customers can choose to set up their own indications. They can also choose to rename a classification.

  • Merge Activities: Customer can also merge two separate activity classifications into one.

Now available in the Data Admin Section. Contact your CSM for more details!

Delete Activities Section 

  • Customers now have full control to delete incorrect activities that are uploaded to CustomerGauge.

  • Now available in the Data Admin Section. Contact your CSM for more details!


  • [CGS 7017], [ CGS 7011] Solved an issue on the Global Data Setting for Chart Widgets 

  • [CGS 7022] Improvement made to the date drop-down for Data Transport Widgets to prevent it from showing a grey scale. 

  • [CGS 7033] Reintroduced the ability to view the Top Drivers and Top Accounts in the Lifecycle Widget. These two views do not have the possibility to drill down for more information.


  • [CGS 6935] Introduced pagination on the Pull History, Flag History and Push History for Integrations. Post the release, the view will only show the last 100 actions. This will be improved with a next button to see more than 100 actions in the upcoming release.

Data Admin

  • [CGS 6869] Fixed a bug on delete revenue file functionality that prevented the ability to delete a file successfully.

CustomerGauge Reviews

  • [CGS 6974] Improved the Button CSS on CustomerGauge Reviews to a new rounded style.