CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.61 - Released 22 April 2020

Workflow Beta

  • Expanded the Condition fields and Merge Tags to cover Agent Name and Agent Email

  • Added Workflow under the Setup menu item

API Suite

  • Introduced an API to upload and update a Contract record

  • Introduced an API to upload and update an Account record with new Account properties (Account Manager, Parent Account, and Reporting Region)

Reporting: Non-Response widget

  • Introduced a Non Responses widget to help you be on top of your contacts. It can be enabled for your platform and your users now can also have access to it. For more information please visit our support article.


Add the Non Responses widget to any of your reports!

Reporting: NPS Lifecycle widget

  • Introduced a NPS Lifecycle widget, it offers the same good view and info as the previous Lifecycle but now with filtering capabilities even on the Unknown bucket, allowing you to more easily identify disengaged accounts. For more information please visit our support article.


Slice and dice the Unknown bucket to identify disengaged accounts!

Reporting: Activities Trend widgets

  • Keeping in track with our Account Experience releases we now have the Activities Trend. With this widget you can see all your activities in a trend over time for each account. Check it out on your platform today!


Keep track of how your most important Activities are trending!

Business User Integrations for Salesforce and HubSpot

  • Improved the Pull speed to be roughly 30 times faster


  • Solved an issue where multiple filter fields would not be applied

Data Transport

  • Solved a display issue for the “Not a mobile number” title on the drill-down page

  • The “Code 308 was not found” status now correctly displays “UTF-8 Malformed”


  • The Arabic language flag now displays the Saudi-Arabia flag instead of the Argentinian flag

Delivery Manager

  • Solved an issue where the “Browse Server” button would not work in the Survey Configuration page

Import Data

  • Solved an issue where empty values in “Deliver Date” would not be valid, returning an “Error data” error message

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