CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.52 - Released 21 November 2019

New in CG!! - Tabs View (Dashboards)

Last week, we introduced the Admin Controlled Tabular View Functionality - great for helping your users to see the full reporting story across multiple Dashboards. This week we have expanded that to allow User Roles to personalize their own tabular view! This exciting new functionality offers great flexibility to organisations with autonomous teams, where everyone uses different reports on a daily basis.

Read more about Tabular View here!

New in CG!! - Native Salesforce Integration: Push Filters

You can now have the power to fine tune which type of data should be pushed back to your Salesforce force system from CustomerGauge. This offers you great flexibility should you be using multiple Salesforce systems or have the need to support business use cases!

Read more about these new Push Filters here.

Drill-downs on Uploads
[CGS-6061] You can now drill-down on Successfully Uploaded Records (from Import Data, Upload History, Integration Pull History, etc.), to the recently released Data Transport report.

API Suite
[CGS-6053] Solved an issue where Transactions/Response APIs did not work as expected.

Forgot Password?
[CGS-5962] Made some improvements to the Forgot Password process.