CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.51 - Released 6 November 2019

New in CG!!! - Dashboard Tabs

[CGS-5897][CGS-5990][CGS-5991][CGS-6039] Added the ability for Admin users to add more reports to each role's dashboard, giving easy access to each role's most important reports, straight from their dashboard!

Admin users can configure these tabs in the System Settings section of System Administration.

The most important reports, at your finger tips!

New in CG!!! - B2C Lifecycle widget

[CGS-5742] - Introduced drill-downs to the Contacts version of the Revenue > Lifecycle reporting widget

Drill-down straight into your most valuable contacts from the B2C Lifecycle!

New in CG!!! - Data Transport Report

[CGS-6000][CGS-5929] - Re-released the Data Transport Report — this can now be found in the "By CustomerGauge" section in the Report Hub

Data Transport Report, Re-imagined!

New in CG!!! - Delete Revenue File

[CGS-5290] - Added the ability to Delete Revenue Files to the Data Admin, allowing you to undo incorrect revenue uploads

Data Transport widgets

[CGS-6049] - Added a filter for Email & SMS on the recently release Data Transport reporting widgets

Data Transport

[CGS-6014][CGS-6016][CGS-6018] - Made several Improvements to the recently released Data Transport reporting widgets

Scheduled Reports

[CGS-6028] - Solved an issue where Scheduled Reports were not being received


[CGS-5464] - Improved the readability of the Notes column in the Actions & Notes drill-down from Task Details and Workflow > Table reporting widgets

API Suite

[CGS-6023] - Solved an issue where the GET File/Revenue API would return an empty response message

Native Integration

[CGS-5672] - Added additional validation to Flag and Push Mapping to prevent errors