CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.50 - Released 23 October 2019

New in CG!!! [CGS-5910] - Updated the calculation for the new Data Transport widgets to more accurately reflect what happened during email delivery.

New in CG!!! [CGS-5786] - Ability to validate SMS telephone numbers before sending

Report Widget Limits

[CGS-3282] - Increased the Report Hub limit to 15 widgets per report
[CGS-5932] - The Custom HTML widgets no longer count towards the number of widgets per report


[CGS-5970] - Increased the number of reports displayed in each of the Report Hub sections to a maximum of 5000 (up from 500)

[CGS-5872] - Percentages in the new Delivery Details widget now display with 1 decimal

[CGS-5929] - Added new error code for "Invalid email address"


[CGS-5918] - Native integration with Salesforce: Solved an issue where ampersand characters did not get pushed to Salesforce correctly