CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.47 - Released 11 September 2019

What's new in the product?

New in CG!! [CGS-5644] - New widget: Drivers > Scatter chart

Please welcome a new Drivers widget, that allows you to plot Drivers over two Drivers metrics.

Identify how your Drivers are distributed — quickly find out what are the most selected drivers, and most contributing drivers!

This widget will be activated on your system soon!

Product Improvements

Report Hub

[CGS-5790] - The Custom HTML Widget no longer tries to reload itself

Direct Replies

[CGS-5781] - Solved an issue where Direct Replies status updates wouldn't work anymore

Data Admin

[CGS-5782] - Removed the non-functioning "Contact" option from the Delete File functionality

Native Integration

[CGS-5017] - Introduced the categorize_url magic field, allowing to push deep links to the Customer Details Page of the record.