CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.46 - Released 28 August 2019

What's new in the product?

NEW IN CG!!  [CGS-5529] - Set your own Required contacts range

We're excited to announce the Required Contacts configurator!

While  our system comes with standard recommended required contacts, we  understand that every business is different, and may need to make  changes.

You'll be able to find this in the Data Admin for Global Admin users.

Within, you'll be able to;

  • Set which revenue type your required contacts should be based on
  • Configure which range of revenue should require which number of contacts
  • Retrospective update your accounts to match these configurations

You can read more about this in our support material!

From the Community

NEW IN CG!! [CGS-5649] - You can now schedule your email reports!!

New Report Hub widgets!

We're happy to welcome some new, much-requested, friends in the Report Hub!

NEW IN CG!!  [CGS-5645] - NPS: Combo chart

Our first new widget allows you to combine columns and lines in the same widget.

No more static NPS lines when combining millions of responses and NPS in the same chart!

Combine multiple NPS Metrics in column and line visualizations!

Want to know exactly how this widget works? Read more in our support material!

NEW IN CG!!  [CGS-5638] - NPS: Pie chart

The NPS Pie chart allows you to report on a variety of ways in the much anticipated Pie chart visualization!

Report on the composition of your NPS Loyalty
Responses and Non Responses; easily see how your Response Rate is composed
What's pie without segments? Choose your favorite segment, and see how it's composed against a chosen metric!

NEW IN CG!!  [CGS-5641] - CES: Pie chart

We're also releasing the Pie chart, displaying the frequency of each score.

A more visual representation of the Frequency of your CES questions!

Product Improvements

Native Integration

[CGS-5693] - Solved an issue where you could not go past Pull Criteria if you chose not to Pull.

[CGS-5713] - Push history is now in chronological order (Newest first)