CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.45 - Released 08 August 2019

What's new in the product?

[CGS-5543] - Added additional validation on Revenue Uploads to ensure data quality of revenue in the system

From the Community


[CGS-5638] - CES > Column chart now allows to be grouped by segments

Product Improvements

Native Integration

[CGS-4893] - You can now drill-down on the number of pushes for Native Integrations in the My Integrations overview

[CGS-5592] - A where clause is now mandatory in your Pull Query

[CGS-5573][CGS-5576]  - Pushing data to Salesforce should now happen correctly when drivers  and comments contain XML characters (such as &, ", etc.)

Comments & Translations

[CGS-4290][CGS-5559] - Solved an issue where certain characters would break on the translations & comments


[CGS-4436] - Retention > Lifecycle: big number abbreviations incorrect

[CGS-5620] - Tags > Sentiment Breakdown: the default of Value Type is now reflected correctly if the setting is unchanged

[CGS-5642] - Report and Widgets behave weird when adding Hierarchy filter but not selecting any value


[CGS-5666] - Solved an issue where the filter values would not appear in the Reviews Manager